Somalia: Al-Shabaab pull out from Qansah Dheere

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Africa News
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Reports coming from the southern Somalia region of Bay say, the militant group Al-Shabaab had pulled its fighters out of QansahDheere town last night.

Mohammed issack Hassan, DC of Bardaale told the media that Al-Shabaab pulled its fighters out of QansahDheere and the government as well as AMISOM forces will soon reach the vacated area.
There’s no independent voice that could verify the claims of the DC.

” The peace-defiant ( Alshabaab )
Went towards Diinsor after vacating the town and God willing we will reach Qansahdheere as soon as possible,” Issack told the local media.

Since January this year, Al-Shabaab lost numerous strategic towns and cities to the  international-backed weak government of Somalia.

Al-Shabaab want to impose a strict version of the Islamic Sharia law but face stiff military campaigns from regional governments like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi who all have troops inside Somalia sponsored by the international community.


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