Somali military court execute three Al-Shabaab members

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Africa News
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Somalia military court executed three alleged Al-Shabaab members in Mogadishu today.

Two of the three executed, Aden Mohammed and Bashir Hassan were accused of assassinated Mohammed Deek Abdi, an accountant with the ministry of finance, during the month of Ramadan in the district of Wadajir in Mogadishu.
The two had earlier appealed on a court ruling of life imprisonment but the military court later rejected their appeal.

The third defendant, Hassan muhidin Hassan was found guilty of working with Al-Shabaab and the sole person who made easier for the militants to attack the presidential palace in July.

Officials from the military court were present in the site where the accused were executed by firing squad.

Recently, Somalia military court issued a new law that states ” any person found guilty of being in anyway an Al-Shabaab member or spy will face the death penalty,”.


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