BREAKING: Sudan offers airlift for Palestinians injured in Gaza

Posted: August 4, 2014 in World News
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Sudan plans to start evacuating Palestinians injured in Gaza despite Israeli warnings to Khartoum to stop supporting the Islamic movement of Hamas.

The north African country will also open its hospitals for the treatment of Palestinians wounded in the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip between Israel
and Hamas.

Speaking to the media in Khartoum on Monday,
the Sudanese minister of Health, Bahar Idriss Abu Garda, said that victims wounded in the conflict
will be airlifted to Sudan and get their humanitarian right to be treated.

He however said that there is need for preparations before evacuations commence, adding
that Khartoum will work with humanitarian organisations in the Gaza Strip in the operation.

The new development followed directive issued by the country’s legislative assembly during an
extraordinary session last Saturday.

In a press release the following day, the legislative assembly condemned the Israeli attack on Gaza, criticising the international community and Arab countries for what it described as “suspicious silence” towards what is happening in Gaza.

The Sudanese assembly also summoned the ministers of Foreign affairs, Information and Health to inquire of their efforts to support the Palestinians.

The legislative body also warned against calls for normalisation of ties between Sudan and Israel.
Israel claims Last month, a group of masked gunmen stormed
the headquarters of Al-Tayyar daily newspaper in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and assaulted its editor-in-chief, Osman Mirghani.

A group of jihadist calling themselves Hamza claimed responsibility of the incident, linking it to Mirghani’s calls for normalisation of relations with

On Sunday, Sudan announced that it has put its military and security organs on high alert, in
anticipation of an Israeli attack.

The country’s foreign affairs minister, Ali Karti, said that Khartoum has taken seriously Israeli allegations of Sudan’s support to Hamas.

Israeli pro-government media reports have accused Khartoum of arming Hamas in the ongoing war between the movement and the Israel army in Gaza Strip.
However the Sudanese army has denied the Israeli claims.

In the past, the Israeli army has conducted air offensives on Sudanese territory, accusing
Khartoum of arming Palestinian militants.

Israel has also accused Sudan of cooperating with Iran in manufacturing chemical and nuclear weapons.

The latest attack was in October 2012, when the Israeli air forces bombarded the Sudanese military
factory of Alyarmok inside the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

Sudan has also accused Israel of committing two air bombardments on the coastal city of Port Sudan.

The Israeli government didn’t comment on the incidents.


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