Kenya: ” our border cops are corrupt officers”

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Africa News
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A police officer has accused colleagues manning the Mandera border point of allowing illegal goods into the country.

The officer, who is not allowed to speak to media for he is of lower rank within the police force, said
the uncustomed commodities were being ferried using donkey carts.

“We have officers at the border entry point but due to laxity this illegal business goes on
uncontrolled,” said our source.

He said among the impounded commodities are 88
Cartons of powder milk, 15 bags of brown sugar weighing 50kg each, 34 bags of rice 50kg each
and 40 bags of omo powder soap.

“All these have a street value of Sh1.2 million and five donkey carts were being used for
transportation,” he said.

He said no arrests were made during the operation.

“We are holding the five donkeys and however claims the ownership will help us unfold this
puzzle,” said our source who was part of the dragnet.

Source: The Star, Kenya.


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