Somalia: Heavy fighting raging on in Goobweyn, Kismayu

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Africa News
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Reports coming from the outskirts of the lower Jubba regional capital of Kismayu say heavy fighting took place today between jubba administration troops and Col Barre Aden Hirale fighters in Goobweyn area, 11 KM from Kismayu.

Fighters belonging to the Interim Jubba administration have attacked two bases belonging to the fighters of colonel Hirale in Gobweyn area.

Senior military spokesman of Colonel Hirale, Aden Ahmed Hirsi told the local media that their fighters rebelled an attack from Ras Kamboni militia backed by the Kenyan defense forces in Gobweyn.

” we rebelled the enemy ( Ra’s Kamboni ) backed by the Kenyan forces , they retreated to Kismayu after having incurred heavy loses including deaths and injures,” Aden told Radio Kismayu.

Casualties figure couldn’t be independently verified but a senior source within Colonel Hirale army said up to 10 people were killed in the fighting.

The lower Jubba region in Southern Somalia is being contested for by many warring factions each claiming for a right to head the region.

Ahmed Mohammed Islam ” Ahmed Madobe” is the current head of the two Jubba regions on basis of a two year interim administration agreed on by him and the federal government of Somalia in the Ethiopian capital , Addis Ababa last year.


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