Kenya: Al-Shabaab attack Lamu village and kill two

Posted: August 22, 2014 in World News
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A major security crackdown has been launched inside Boni forest in Lamu County after suspected
Al-Shabaab terrorists killed at least two people and stole two vehicles this week.

Although the attack took place in Basuba location in Lamu East on Monday, security agents appeared
to have learnt about it on Wednesday.

The body of one of the victims was Friday found inside Boni forest.

According to the police report,
the victim was beheaded and the body left at the scene.

His distraught mother Charity Gacheri Igweta told Saturday Nation that she was informed by the
security officers yesterday about the recovery of the body of her last born.

“I had earlier been told that my son went missing, but security officers called to inform me that his body had been found,” said Ms Igweta


The attackers, who were heavily armed with AK47 rifles and rocket propelled grenades, according to
witnesses, blocked motorists at Bauri swamp and took them into the forest as other attackers drove
the victims’ vehicles away.

Bauri swamp is located between Basuba and Milimani areas along the Hindi-Kiunga-Budhei Road.

A government official said the attack took place at about 11am when the victims were returning from Ras Kamboni in Somalia, where they had gone to drop miraa (khat).

“The attack took place in broad daylight at Bauri, between Basuba and Milimani some 60km from
Kiunga border town,’’ he said.

One of the survivors, Mr Anwar Abdi Hussein, said he was driving a four wheel drive vehicle when they were kidnapped by about 20 men.

Another vehicle that was transporting miraa was also seized and the occupants kidnapped. The
driver has been identified as Mohammed Abdi Kibar and his assistant George Mwiti.

Speaking at a meeting with House security committee members, Lamu County Commissioner Njenga Miiri confirmed the attack.

The two vehicles, valued at Sh2 million each, are suspected to have been taken to Somali.

Source: Daily Nation


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