Kenya: Mandera county police given orders to shoot criminals

Posted: August 24, 2014 in Kenya News
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Following the escalation of clan-related wars in Rhamu, Mandera, County Commissioner has said
that police have have been given orders to kill anyone found burning or destroying property or killing another.

Police in Mandera have been given orders to shoot and kill those found perpetrating crimes following the escalation of inter-clan wars on Sunday.

At least one person has been confirmed dead in renewed clan fights between the Degodia and the
Garre clans.

Mandera County Commissioner Alex Ole Nkoyo said the shooting in Rhamu started on Thursday after a truck from Moyale was ambushed.
In the ambush, one person was killed while five sustained serious injuries.

The county commissioner said police had been given the green light to shoot anyone found burning or destroying property or killing another in the town that witnessed an increase in violence since Sunday morning.

Mr Ole Nkoyo said security heads and governmentbofficials went to area to talk to the elders and political leaders in a bid to stop the fighting.

He said that early morning on Sunday shooting started and sporadic gunfire was heard all over the town as security officials moved with speed to prevent any loss of life.

“One person was injured in the shooting and is being treated at Rhamu District Hospital. We believe he is a victim of a stray bullet,” he told by phone.

He said they had deployed a contingent of security officers to make sure militia from the two camps can’t harm each other.

Mr Ole Nkoyo urged local politicians to come clean on the clan conflicts in the area.

“They should come clean, we need to know whether they are against or in support of what is going on here,” he said.

The county commissioner said the police had managed to contain the situation and called on elders and religious leaders to preach peace in the area.

Clan conflicts in Mandera and Wajir counties have claimed more than 100 people since June.

The renewed attacks in Rhamu have again disrupted the peace that has been experienced in the last two months.



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