Kenya: 25 dead as inter-clan fighting enters its Third day in Mandera

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Kenya News
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At least 25 people are dead as inter-clan clashes continue in the Rhamu village, north of Mandera county in North-Eastern Kenya.

On Saturday evening, gunmen reportedly from the Degodia clan targeted a group of people from the Garre community who were passing the village at the time as travellers .

The Kenyan government deployed hundreds of police and military personnel in the troubled village.

Eyewitnesses told Newsday 24/7 the gunmen who attacked the village crossed the border into Ethiopia after they killed dozen people from the Garre community.

Clashes broke out again in Rhamu today after young men armed with machetes and guns attacked a predominantly Degodia village and killed 2 people.

Hundreds of angry men and women from Garre clan clashed with the police in Mandera county early on Sunday morning. Police used teargas to disperse the angry rioters who were breaking into business premises and shops reportedly belonging to the Degodia community in the town.

The inspector general of the police gave orders to the police to shoot anyone deemed to be in a position of creating violence, committing robberies and suspected to be an armed Person.

The two communities clashed numerous times before and as a result, hundreds of people from the two communities lost their lives.

Tension remain high amid fear of further clashes and retaliatory attacks in the town.


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