Kenyan police Kill 3 suspects near UN, US embassies in Nairobi

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Kenya News

Reports just coming in say 6 suspected thugs attacked a coffee shop near Gigiri house in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

People fleeing around Gigiri where the shooting took place

” Police shot dead 3 suspects in Gigiri , Nairobi, & recover two firearms, still pursuing others who escaped”, Gigiri OCPD Vitalis Otieno says.

Body of one of the thugs shot dead by Kenyan police

Kenya is still haunted by last years mall attack by islamist in which more than 70 people were killed.

“Police were trailing some criminals who wanted to car-jack a truck carrying electronics. Our officers
were following them in a car and when they intercepted the criminals, they started firing at the officers,” Nairobi Deputy Police Commander Moses Ombati said, adding three were fatally injured.


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