Kenya: Al-Shabaab attack town near border

Posted: August 31, 2014 in World News


Reports coming say militants reportedly from the Islamist based Somalia, Al-Shabaab have attacked the Kenyan border town of Mandera near Somalia at around 3.30 a.m local time.

Residents say they heard heavy gunfire and RPGs used in the fighting between the militants and police for 40 minutes.

” at the start of the fighting, they ( Alshabaab ) used bombs to attack a police station, and we started engaging with them,” Nor, a KPR member told Newsday 24/7

Nor said the militants were heavily armed and they were outpowered until military and police forces came to their rescue.

He said the armed militants have attacked police station, government offices and an administration police camp near the border.

Details of casualties are not clear but according to Nor, the KPR member, he said there are five injured of his contingent of 15 armed KRPs who engaged with the militants in the first attack.

Al-Shabaab attacked the town many times before targeting mainly government offices, building and those working for the country.


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