Source: ISIS executed British citizen” Alan Henning

Posted: September 24, 2014 in World News


Reliable Source within the jihadist group, the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria has confirmed to Newsday 247 that the group executed British
citizen, Alan Henning in the city of Raqqa few days ago and a video of beheading will be released soon.

We couldn’t independently verify the claims of the source who asked anonymity.

The source added that, ISIS beheaded Westerners before and only announce it exactly after a week, therefore the same is expected in Alan Henning’s execution and a release video of the beheading is expected from the group soon.

If confirmed, Henning will be the fourth westerner to be killed by the group in recent weeks.

Newsday 24/7 is investigating and following this story closely, follow all the latest regarding ISIS
executions of it’s captives.

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