ISIS executes British journalist, John Cantlie: Source

Posted: October 11, 2014 in World News

Source within the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria told Newsday 24/7 that British journalist, John Cantlie is executed by the group today.

Journalist John Cantlie was taken hostage by the jihadist group in 2012 and was seen in an execution video.

The source who also confirmed to Newsday 24/7 the execution of British aid worker, Alan Henning before it was officially announced days later said ” John Cantlie was killed in the same manner of all the others who were executed”

” due to the increased UK participation of the airstrikes against ISLAMIC STATE, it will be its citizen that will suffer the worst which John Cantlie is one of them and many More will be coming, Inshallah”, the source concluded.

It’s unclear where the hostage was executed.

More to follow.


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