KDF kill 5 Al-Shabaab militants, recover six suicide vests

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Africa News

Kenyan troops killed five Al-Shabaab militants and recovered a car laden with explosives and six suicide vests.

The 11pm Saturday incident happened at Dolo, on the Ethiopian side near the border town of Moyale.

The militants were attempting to sneak into the country through the Kenya – Ethipioa border using a Toyota Prado bearing Kenyan
registration numbers.

The vehicle was laden with 100 kilograms of TNT explosive.
The terrorists had engaged the KDF troops in a shootout before they were killed.

The KDF operation was done together with the Somali National Army.

“Security forces were working on reliable intelligence which enabled them to trace and track the car.

Earlier on, the terrorists had
unsuccessfully attempted to gain entry into the country at Bulahawa through Mandera,” according to director of communications at Kenya Defence Forces headquarters in Nairobi.

A massive operation designed to wipe out the terrorist group’s activities in Somalia was launched last month under the auspices of the African Union Mission in Somalia.

KDF troops are deployed in Sector 2, a region that stretches from lower Gedo through Middle Juba to Lower Juba which encompasses Kismayu.


Other areas are covered by forces from Djibouti, Burundi, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia.

The latest offensive is dubbed Operation Indian Ocean and which has seen Al-Shabaab loose much ground and its fighters killed.

On October 10, KDF jets bombed Al-Shabaab defence positions north of Bula Guduud, killing 60 fighters.

Five technical vehicles were destroyed and those who survived escaped towards Jilib. Earlier in the month, KDF troops captured Bula Guduud town after killing 22 Al-Shabaab militants and captured the terrorists’ camp there. Twelve Al-shabaab fighters were also killed in subsequent KDF counter offences.

Bula Guduud is about 30 km North of Kismayu, along the Kismayo-Jamaame-Jilib road.

As part of the operation Indian Ocean, the other Amisom troops took over the port of Barawe from Al-Shabaab.

The terrorists had made it its headquarters after KDF forced them out of Kismayu in 2012.

Bula Gaduud has been a gateway for Al – Shabaab militia coming from Jamaame and Jilib heading towards Bullo Xaaji and into the Lacta belt.

The town has severally been used to spring attacks on Kismayo town and its environs in the past.

Kenya deployed 4,662 troops in Somalia in October 2011 in Operation Linda nchi. They were later incorporated into Amisom,
which with the other countries contributing slightly over 13,000 troops mostly concentrated in Somalia capital Mogadishu.

Source: Daily Nation


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