IS behind Canada parliament attack : Source

Posted: October 22, 2014 in World News

Newsday 24/7 got access to talk to a senior Islamic State official in Iraq who confirmed it was members of IS who launch the attack on canadian parliament and nearby areas.

He added that Canada is an anti-islamic proxy state under the US and thus is a legitimate target for it’s contribution to the war against the Islamic State.

The official not saying how many attackers were involved in the attack told Newsday 24/7 the jihadist opened fire at two police guards who tried to stop them outside the parliament building.

He said one was killed and another critically injured. jihadist were successfull in making it to inside the parliament hall where MPs and PM Stephen Harper were at the time.

“Jihadist shoot the infidels and destroyed everything inside the parliament hall,” says the official who don’t want to be named.

Follow continued coverage of this story live here on Newsday 24/7.


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