A Kenyan Town: 65% of the youths are into drugs

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Africa News

Almost 80% of Mandera population are in the range between 10-30 ages and 65% of them use drugs such as tobacco , bang, alcohol, miraa, tablets and cocaine according to a recent survey conducted by a local nonprofit network, SADCCO.

All the drugs mentioned above have both health and social effects that these boys can’t cope with or accommodate properly.

In the streets of Mandera county, you would see hundreds of young men publicly using the mild drug leaves, Miraa puffing away cigarettes without any care.

Parents of the abusers of the drugs say they completely lost hope in their children coming back to non-drug abusers.

Many parents attribute the problem to the lack of quality education in the county.

County government, however, accused both school system and parents of the youth more so the boys. They say, many of these young boys are subjected to bad education at school, they don’t get the right educational support and encouragement by both teachers and the parents. Therefore, many of them don’t see the value of being in school anymore and choose the wrong path and become dropouts in less time.

Parents meanwhile, accuse the educational department of the county not educating their children of the effects of abusing drugs and the setting up of rehabilitation centers. They say instead their children are detained and are given incarceration of a long period of time which affects the boys psychologically and their long term health.

The county administration however reassured parents that, they are doing everything in their power to make sure the problem is curbed and are planing to set up effective counter problems strategies to the drug abuse epidemic.


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