Al-Shabaab recapture Island, kill more than 30 Somali troops

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Africa News

Heavy shellings and fighting erupted in the Island of Kudhaa early on Saturday after heavily armed Al-Shabaab fighters attacked the Interim Jubba Administration soldiers who were controlling the Island since capturing it from the militants two weeks ago.

Kenya Navy artillery begin bombarding the advancing Al-Shabaab 20+ Wagons early hours of Saturday morning but couldn’t prevent the fall of the Island leading to some Pro-government fighters running away into the jungles.

Kudhaa is a small Island located in Southern Somalia and near the port city of Kismayu.

Details of exact casualties are unclear but a spokesman for Al-Shabaab  talking to the groups official broadcaster, Radio Al-Andulus said they have killed more than 40 soldiers of Ahmed Madobe militia, the leader of the Jubba Interim Administration.

Meanwhile residents told the local media that they have seen many bodies laying near water, some decipitated and others having their heads chopped off.

More Details to follow.


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