Kenya security forces collaborate with Al-Shabaab

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Newsday 24/7 Exclusive Stories

Newsday 24/7 Journalist Abdulaziz Mohammed has been covering and following closely the real causes of an increased insecurity situation inside Kenya.

The Independent Journalist often travelled to the Kenya-Somali border observing keenly the situations and the day to day activities of the Kenyan security forces as well as Al-Shabaab on the border.

On 10th November, 2014 Abdulaziz on a short trip to the border town of Elwaq in Northern Kenya, He was able to reach the  border centre vetween the two countries disguising himself as an ordinary citizen passing over the border.

On 10th Nov at around 5:47 PM, Abdulaziz saw over 6 cars with dozen weapons on them, and over 30 men from Al-Shabaab crossing into the kenyan border town after paying 3 suitcases to the Kenyan police in a remote place short of passer-Bys.

Earlier Abdulaziz who communicated with sources close to Al-Shabaab learnt that New chief of the rebel group, Abu Ubbaidah has decided to send these heavily armed men into Kenya so they can carried out over dozen deadly attacks including suicide missions and long sieges in VIPs buildings or governmental institutions.

Abdulaziz Mohammed is investigating more of this story, please re-load this page for the fully updated article.


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