Al-Shabaab plans to attack Churches in Mombasa

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Kenya News, Newsday 24/7 Exclusive Stories

Journalist @AbdulazizHOA has obtained exclusive access to a planned terror attacks that an active Islamist insurgents are planning across Kenya.

In his latest series of Security updates, Abdulaziz Mohammed would like to share with you his knowledge of a plan by an active Al-Shabaab cell in the coastal town of Mombasa who are planning to carry out attacks mainly in churches since they are not well-secured but not restricted to them only.

Part of the plan includes an attack to storm police stations, Hotels as well as Nightly Clubs.

Abdulaziz Mohammed advises Kenyans to be vigilant and remain safe at this time of increased terror activities across the Country.

The Independent Journalist will from now give updates about security and the welfare of Kenya through this blog, keep coming back here.


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