How was the Mandera massacre executed and why should Kimaiyo take the blame

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Newsday 24/7 Exclusive Stories

The Bodies of the 28 victims of the Mandera Massacre

On 10th November, 2014 on a short trip to the border town of Elwaq in Northern Kenya, I was able to reach the border centre between the two countries disguising mysf as an ordinary citizen passing over the border.

At around 5:47 PM, I saw over 6 cars with dozen weapons on them, and over 30 men from Al-Shabaab crossing into the kenyan border town after paying 3 suitcases to the Kenyan police in a remote place short of

Earlier I communicated with sources close to Al-Shabaab and learnt that New chief of the rebel group, Abu Ubbaidah has decided to send these heavily armed men into Kenya so they can carried out over dozen deadly attacks including suicide missions and long sieges in VIPs buildings or governmental institutions.

The heavily armed Al-Shabaab militia then cross into Mandera on 20TH November.

With 3 intelligents among the armed men, at around 4PM one of them went to the Mandera Bus station where he asked for a booking to Nairobi.

The Man was able to take note of the names of those travelling in the later attacked bus, Makka and noticed half of the occupants were christians. Then he vanished without booking saying that his phone is ringing.

The Al-Shabaab man was able to see from the booking when the bus was to depart and the religious identity of the occupants, thus were able to way lay an ambush in the areas between Arabia and Omar Jillao at around 2 A.M on 21th November.

Makka Bus passed over Omar Jillao and after 15 Mins at around 5 A.M upto 12 heavily armed Al-Shabaab fighterd sprang from the bushes nearby and ordered the bus be stopped where they later greeted everyone on board.

Initially, The militants tried to Hijack the Bus towards the Somali border but due to the recent rains in the area, the bus got stuck.

In frustration, they ordered everyone to embark and kneel down.

upto 5 of the militia started asking each and every person their identities and if they could recite the holy Quran.

Al-Shabaab didn’t attend much to the Muslim passengers and started executing summarily the non-Muslims who weren’t able to recite verses from the Koran.

All of the victims were shot at close-range with at least one person having his head almost off.

Later the militia Chanted “Allahu Akbar” in Jubilation and told the Muslim passengers that they came here to rescue them from what they the colonialism of the crusaders ( Kenyan Government).

Sources and intelligence indicate among the 30 fighters who crossed from the Somali border, 15 of them went towards other parts of the country where they are planning to carry out more attacks.

I am investigating this story more, you can come back for more in Security and Terrorism activities in Kenya daily here.


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