Somali authorities accuses Kenya of Killing civilians in retaliation of Mandera attack

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Africa News

The Somali government authorities on Monday accused Kenyan forces of targeting civilian positions in air and artillery bombarent on villages located near the Somali-Kenyan border.

Kenyan authorities say Security forces carried out attacks on militants camps near the Somali border and didn’t target civilians but killed 100 Al-Shabaab fighters in the operation. Al-Shabaab later denied that and instead issued statement saying its fighters are safe and called Government’s claim as baseless and a cover-up to its incapabilities.

              Civilians Targeted

Talking to the BBC, District commissioner of Beled-
Hawo town, Yussuf Kanti, accused the KDF of bombarding villages near the border where civilians and their livestocks were present and killed.

“Throughout Sunday until Monday morning Kenyan forces based at the border village of
Khadija Haji have bombarded Somali villages using warplanes and artillery fire ” he

“There are civilian casualties and Thousands  of livestock perished during the airstrikes, The commissioner added.

Kenyan sent its troops to southern Somalia in late 2011 in a bid to battle islamist Al-Shabaab whom they accused of causing terror in its country They later joined the AMISOM and have in the past been accused of
conducting airstrikes inside Somalia resulting many a times unneccessary civilian casualties which have often been brushed aside by Kenya authorities claiming to have only targeted Al-Shabaab postions.


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