Kenyan police take corruption from Al-shabaab

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Newsday 24/7 Exclusive Stories

Police at the Kenyan border town of Liboyo enabled six Al-Shabaab cell to cross the border into Kenya after obtaining a corruption fee of 100,000 Kshs, Newsday 24/7 has learnt.

Sources within the Police and witnesses confirmed to Newsday 24/7 Six armed Al-Shabaab fighters were able to cross the border on 24th November, 2014 after giving KES 100,000 to 3 policemen at the border who later enabled them not to be detected by other security organs.

The Sources in fear of being persecuted told Newsday 24/7 that the Al-Shabaab cell is still at a border town in Kenya side and are headed for other parts of the country to carry out attacks.

Due to the sensitivity of this story, Newsday 24/7 won’t make its sources public.

This story is being investigated by Journalist Abdulaziz Mohammed, More details will be added to it shortly, meanwhile follow Abdulaziz Mohammed’s security updates on Twitter @AbdulazizHOA


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