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Somali Famine; the time has come to answer the call as part of its efforts to take actions in the regions affected by the drought the Federal Government of
Somalia Special committee has briefed yesterday all Cabinet during an extraordinary meeting
providing the latest update on the drought and food shortages in the country.

The Cabinet was seized by the following:
1. It recognises the fact that the drought has already reached several regions in Somalia
including; Gedo, Bakool, Hiran, Galgudud and Mudug..

2. It anticipates that the situation will continue to deteriorate and therefore the aid in form of food,
water and medication, must urgently reach the affected populations.

3. The Federal Government has already allocated 500,000 dollars for the population affected by the
drought and will begin its life-saving operations through the distribution of aid in the following

4. It also recognises there are many challenges which could slow down or even delay its
operational emergency response such as; illegal Al-Shabaab checkpoints and pockets of violence in certain regions.

5. It confirms that the Somali National Army is ready to assist their people but lacks the right
transportation equipment to deliver food aid to the regions and therefore request the immediate
assistance of the United Nations and AMISOM to facilitate food delivery to the people living in
regions which has already been liberated.

6. The Federal Government of Somalia, appreciates
the efforts of many countries and other international agencies which have already responded to our emergency calls and have provided much needed assistance and encourages others to do the same.

7. Finally, this government wants to remind everyone that it is doing everything in its power to
prevent the loss of life.

All members of Parliament
are calling on the international community and the United Nations to assist in the implementation of the Somali emergency plan in order to prevent the return of the deadly humanitarian crisis of 2011.