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Police at the Kenyan border town of Liboyo enabled six Al-Shabaab cell to cross the border into Kenya after obtaining a corruption fee of 100,000 Kshs, Newsday 24/7 has learnt.

Sources within the Police and witnesses confirmed to Newsday 24/7 Six armed Al-Shabaab fighters were able to cross the border on 24th November, 2014 after giving KES 100,000 to 3 policemen at the border who later enabled them not to be detected by other security organs.

The Sources in fear of being persecuted told Newsday 24/7 that the Al-Shabaab cell is still at a border town in Kenya side and are headed for other parts of the country to carry out attacks.

Due to the sensitivity of this story, Newsday 24/7 won’t make its sources public.

This story is being investigated by Journalist Abdulaziz Mohammed, More details will be added to it shortly, meanwhile follow Abdulaziz Mohammed’s security updates on Twitter @AbdulazizHOA


Upto 20 armed Al-Shabaab fighters have been entering secretaly the Kenyan coastal town of Lamu in between15 Nov and 26Th Nov.

Sources confirmed to Newsday 24/7 the fighters moved from Somalia Al-Shabaab military training camp in Jilib where they used the border town of Libooyo as a route to Northern Kenya where they later reached the Dadaab refugee camp on 20Th Nov.

It was in Dadaab the militants divided themselves and travelled from Dadaab to Lamu in groups.

upto 4 heavily armed Al-Shabaab fighters are still in Dagahley camp to orchestrate a way to smuggle heavy and dangerous weapons to Lamu as well as to Nairobi.

Sources add upto 6 policemen are helping this Al-Shabaab cell to reach their destinations.

Al-Shabab is also planning to carry out grenade attack in Garissa county, and go on smuggling weapons to Lamu and Nairobi while security forces are busy dealing with the grenade attack.

Abdulaziz Mohammed is following this story closely and delivers live updates on Twitter @AbdulazizHOA

Kenya intelligence indicate suspected Al-Shabaab cell is active in the town but didn’t act on it yet.